Foundations- A perfect place to not only learn the basics of barre but also to get a great full body, zero impact, moderately paced workout. No matter your barre skill level, a foundations class will offer a challenge for the whole body and the mind.

Cardio Barre- A Feel good, moderare intensity, no impact cardio class.  Cardio intervals are mixed in with Foundations work for about 50 minutes with the last ten minutes of class reserved for stretching.

Tabata- A quick 30 minute high intensity cardio/barre class. While the class is high intensity, modifications are available so that anyone can join us to get their heart pumping!

Extreme Cardio- Much like Tabata with a little extra cardio and focused arm and core work. A full 60 Minute class.

Fire- Fire consists of advanced barre work, longer holds and deeper stretches.  A little cardio sprinkled in helps make for a mentally and physically challenging and maybe a little addicting class! Those having a good understanding of Foundations are welcome to burn in Fire.

Power Stretch- Power Stretch couples intentional work with the a focus on stretching.  The beauty of this class is that it uses fat burning work to make the most of the restorative stretching.

BandSculpt- A foundations level class using resistance bands throughout the class. Compound movements with the band create a head to toe unique workout in a short amount of time.

Energy Booster- A quick 30 minute foundations class. 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes of stretching. this is a great pick me up in the middle of the day or a great supplement to another fitness modality you may like to include in your day.