Childcare is available starting at 6 weeks old.

you will sign up for childcare per family on mindbody just as you do for class. there are a limited number of spots for childcare so the same 2 hour cancellation policy applies for childcare.

!!!!!Please keep in mind that we will close signup for childcare 1 hour prior to class.  This allows for those providing childcare the time to prepare to be at class.  if no one is on the schedule 1 hour prior to class childcare will be canceled

Please arrive in time to take your littles to the bathroom prior to class. if your little is potty training please have them in a pull up.  if your little is in a diaper please be sure to have them in a fresh diaper and leave an extra as well as wipes when you drop off your child. in order to care for all children well, our childcare ladies cannot feed your babies a bottle.  

because class is at most one hour we ask that you do not bring food for your little. we cannot keep track of allergies and there is not enough time in between classes to clean floors.

use wisdom when bringing littles to class. if your child has had a fever with 24 hours of class please keep them home. if your child has a runny nose and a cough, it's probably best you keep your little one home.